You gotta be Faster than John Wayne in today’s Market

Move quickly once you spot a house you like. This often means rushing out to see new homes within hours of them being listed and writing up an offer immediately if you like the house. Homes are sold in a matter of hours in this market, and sometimes you really have to move fast. If you liked the home, chances are there are 4 other buyers who will also make an offer on the same home.


Do you need a Mentor?

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For this reason, a mentor or coach is highly recommended. Will you be ready and willing to drive for dollars? In some markets, during certain times of the year, you may not want to pay your own way out to see houses. These are the times when coaches, real estate agents and wholesalers can be of great help to you as a new and sometimes naïve real estate investor. Before you get started, be sure to always ask for references from all parties involved if one of them happens to work a local listing that is close to your area. This is especially true with real estate agents, who will know if any deal fits your criteria.

Know Your Range To Buy A House You Like

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At the very least, make sure to familiarize yourself with the internet to see if any specific neighborhoods or neighborhoods within a certain price range are good choices to look for a new investment property. If you are new to buying a property, list all the rental properties you have or have recently viewed in your area to see if you like them or not. You will want to do this so there is no surprise when a property of yours shows up as a possible lead for a new investor.


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