Why You Should Move To The Houston Heights

The Houston Heights Boom

The Houston Heights is booming. The neighborhood charm, location, and amenities attract a wide range of home buyers including first-time homebuyers, families, empty nesters, and relocating buyers. There are top-rated restaurants, excellent schools and lots of outdoor areas to enjoy.

One of the biggest amenities for this neighborhood is its proximity to shopping, public transportation, and local parks. Properties in this neighborhood have shown steady appreciation (8-12%) over the past year, and the asking prices have decreased as a result. The neighborhood is also close to restaurants, shops, and office parks that are within walking distance. With its proximity to jobs, shopping, and entertainment, it’s also a desirable location for families, young professionals, vacationers.

Houston Heights Property Types

Single/Triple Family

Single/Two Unit


Landlords/Management Options

Starter Package

Includes rent roll, move-in/move-out, move-out contingencies, cleaning deposit and tenant screening, prepaid utilities, pet policy, and detailed move-in/move-out instructions that details what to clean, what materials to clean, and when to maintian those projects. Second Owner Warranty

3 Year/5 Year Lease Option

Landlord Insurance

Key Points

The seller charged 7.5% over market rent for similar units in this same location.

The owner’s insurance policy did not cover waiting lists, unit under construction, or damage at the request of the tenant.

So… I have a great setup for a rental house! And here’s why it’s less expensive, and what it may mean for the way you’ll market and advertise the property.

The Houston Heights Neighborhood

There are a variety of schools in the area. The public schools are called the Butler School District. Butler is comprised of several public schools and many private schools. The schools themselves generally have popularity contests and book clubs, which attracts large student bodies.

There are also a number of private schools, including a number of gymnastic, performing arts, and boarding schools.


The best Activities

1. 19th Street

2. Heights Hike and Bike Trail

3. Heights Boulevard

4. White Oak Drive

5. Heights Mercantile


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