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You make a financial decision based on several factors including the price of homes, rents, taxes, and insurance, but this also includes your emotions. You always want to do your due diligence when buying a home.

Another Tip

Woman Having Home Video Conference
Woman Having Home Video Conference

Save your good offers until the end, when you will be able to convince more sellers to accept your “quick sell” offer. Most offers are significantly below asking price, so the chance of successfully placing your best offer is minimal. Sellers in competitive markets are regularly engaging in price reductions and are more likely to be receptive to lower offers than sellers in less competitive markets. You may be able to purchase a property below asking price if your offer is attractive enough. This often takes longer to accomplish, but is well worth the time.

What you should do

Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent

State your expectation in writing. State your expectations with dates and times prior to when you expect to receive the property in exchange for your concession. In the written document, state your understanding of the complexities of real estate. It may be helpful to create a Real Estate Investor Dictate. Many of our entry level agents use these dictations when entering into discussion with a new investor.


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