“Texas House proposes $12B tax relief”

Yee-haw y’all! 🤠

It looks like the Texas House is steppin’ up to the plate with a $12 billion property tax relief package, and it’s creating quite the stir! 🔥

This package is sure to have a huge impact on Texans and it’s already set up a fight between the Texas House and Senate over the appraisal cap. 💪

What does this mean for us Texans? Will we be seeing more property tax relief? 🤔

And what about the appraisal cap? How will that affect us? 🤨

It sure looks like the Lone Star State is in for some exciting changes! 🤩

Let’s discuss this further in the comments below: what are your thoughts on the Texas House’s $12 billion property tax relief package? 💬






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