Allen found me my dream home in a great location close to downtown. He is an excellent at negotiating and getting the best deals. He was always available to communicate through email or by phone. He handled everything in a professional manner and maintained his patience. Allen was an awesome agent and focused on getting it done!
by Joseph Sims
, Houston, TX 77004
I have to say Allen is the most patient, attentive and courteous guy I’ve come across when doing business in the sometimes stressful real estate world. I had a lot of bumps and rough spots on my road to closing, but Allen displayed a great amount of support and advice every step of the way. He is able to do more than your average agent and takes pride in satisfying the client. He took the time, day in and day out, to make sure my paperwork was prepared correctly and sent out in a timely fashion. Through the countless amendments, negotiating and almost down fall of this whole transaction, Allen was there to tackle it all. His diligence, determination, and tolerance are what kept me moving forward. For a job well done, Allen is the one to trust.
by Kenneth Jurasek
Allen was great when representing me, he helped me sell my old home and purchase my current. I would happily recommend him to anyone desiring to sell and buy property. He sold my house for 7% above the market, then turned around and put me in a home for 1% below, which is now worth 10% more than what I purchased it for! He made each process run smoothly, which was fantastic. I do not think any other agent would have been able to save me money and make me money at the same. It was a wonderful feeling.
by Dave Williams
, Houston, TX 77003
I found Mr. Jimenez through his TexasRealtyPros.com website. I was window shopping for my potential new home and decided to ask some questions regarding my specific needs. After getting the answers I wanted, I was still somewhat reluctant on taking the next steps and getting the ball rolling. I was worried about financing and not being able to find the right property. Allen kept everything in order and began to point me in the right directions. Before no time, I was looking at my dream home and was getting a great deal as well. The property is right in the heart of the city and very convenient for me. He displayed the perfect balance of drive, persistence and enthusiasm I needed for my first home buying experience. His polite and positive attitude is a big plus and his desire to make his clients happy goes a long way. I thank him for all his hard work and time he put in to getting this deal done from start to end.
by Bryan Walwyn
, Houston, TX 77004
Mr. Jimenez found me an awesome deal in the Westbury community. I was surprised by how much work and effort he put into my deal, just to make sure I was content and getting what I wanted. He also made sure my home was inspected on time and got all the repairs taken care of. I am very pleased and happy with my new home, thanks to Allen.
by Bernardo Alvarez
, Houston, Tx 77096
When it comes to looking for and finding a great deal I turn to Allen Jimenez. He has found me multiple great buys over the years and has been great in assisting me in managing a few of these properties. With each transaction, I know I can look forward to it being just as stable and uncomplicated as the previous one. Allen knows how important communication is and makes it a point to keep in contact with his clients in a timely manner. He is consistent with following up and providing updates, which puts you at ease. He has always retained a professional appearance and attitude when representing me. He knows his market; he is diligent and very responsive. He works hard to get things done and strives to live up to being a skillful, sharp and efficient agent. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quick, start to finish transaction.
by Arthur Zhang
, Houston, TX 77006

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