Tattoos.. do they hurt your future? Career? Success?

Comment of the day above… LoL

Tattoos… I have some, got them when I was young and rebellious. Thank God I can hide them, I actually paid a guy for a big one and he stole my ?. Thank God he did. Fast forward 20 years to today and I laugh at myself.

So Tattoos, how does society see them. I know one doctor who has both arms done, but let’s be real that’s very rare. When we see tattoos on necks and faces it shocks us or is it just me? Statistics show they want to intimidate someone, if on face or neck.

Ok so what defines us? If someone gets a tattoo on their neck or face would you hire them?

If you have a tattoo on your neck or face what issues do you have? I highly suggest get tattoos in an area you can hide if you plan on being a salesperson. I remember trying to rebel and sell homes higher then $100k and it was impossible. I had to change, I had to stop the mini mohawk and the Jenko jeans .. put a tie on and boom sales came flowing in.

Some tip for you youngsters is just be able to hide them, and once you make 6 figures do whatever you want. But let’s get you going first, Koo? Yes I’m still hip!

Love you with or without Tattoos… Smooch!



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