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How to Buy a Home Without a Realtor and Keep All The Commission – Save Money

Regular Price $249.75 till July 1st 2019 Only $37.00 Buying a home is NOT hard at all.  It's quite easy actually.  You can do it, and save yourself $10,000 TO $100,000 that realtors get paid.   I'm a real estate broker licensed in Texas - License #0549644, with nearly 15 Years experience.  With 100's of transactions completed, you can feel great that you are in GREAT hands. How You Will Save...

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How To Get Your Home Inspection Done Right and Free

Hire a licensed inspector This is super important because there are tons of inspectors out there without a license If they have no license, then they have nothing to risk With a license a buyer can file a claim / complaint with Texas Real Estate Commission Not All Inspectors Are On The Same Level! There are 3 levels of an inspector license(apprentice, Real Estate, and...

Home Buying Tip #2 – Define needs and wants

Planning is half the battle This is a critical tip and will save you from going nuts. It will stop you from viewing homes that look great but don't fit your standards. Questions to really ask Yourself Minimum living square feet Yard size Maximum stories List price max HOA fee max Do you want HOA Deed restrictions or no? Age of home max Area (s) School...

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How to Chose the Best Realtor for YOU

The Questions Can Save You Money, Heart Ache, & Headaches Are you a full time realtor or part time realtor How many years experience do you have? How many closed transactions do you personally have? What times are you available to show homes? Do you work weekends? Do you work nights? How much notice do you need to show me homes? Do you require me to sign a contract with...

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Home Buyer Tip: The Seller Does NOT Care About You

#1 - UNDERSTAND The seller does NOT care about you The seller and seller's agent only cares about what is best for THEM NOT YOU!   So many buyers think they can trust the seller's agent.  Home buyers even think they made friends with the home owner - BUT NOPE!  In the end they will do what is BEST for them, it's in our nature and it's expected,  but I find many people forget this.  They treat buying...

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