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  • Man found shot to death outside bar in southeast Houston

    A man was found shot and killed in front of a bar in southeast Houston early Tuesday morning, according to police. The victim was discovered outside Palmas on Park Place Boulevard near the Gulf Freeway at around 2 a.m. An investigation is underway, but witnesses say the man may have been an innocent bystander. Caught […]

  • Mechanic Executed in North Houston

    Mechanic excecuted on Friday, Luis Manuel Casillas was found with a gunshot wound in the parking lot of a business in north Houston, Texas. According to his family, he was killed over a $500 repair bill for a job he was working on. Witnesses reported that they saw Casillas get into an argument with one […]

  • Missing Heights neighbor, Mary Cerruti, left a self-portrait at home

    Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti   Only a few neighbors on Allston Street knew a little about Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti, a lady who quietly vanished around 2014. A year later, a realtor had to buy her Houston Heights home after a foreclosure auction. Then he offered all her belongings (trash for him) for […]

  • Missing Heights Teen Found in Houston

    Missing Heights Teen Found in Houston   I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we receive the news of the Houston Police Department finding a 16-year-old girl missing for about 2 months, after receiving a call for alleged burglary. Turns out the victim of burglary testified he let a young lady and her boyfriend stay […]

  • Crazy Fight Near Heights (Washington/Shepherd) – WWF Style!

    Now to be HONEST this is Washington Heights — aka Washington at Shepherd… but hey it’s like 3 min away from Heights (calm down Heights Gurus). hahahahha … any who check out this amazing neck flip turned into choke hold.  Thank God no one hurt, but im sure he’s going to need a few Advils […]

  • Dias de la muertos en Discovery Green

    Guys if you want something fun to do, and want to stay close to the inner loop, go and check out Discovery Green. This week gonzo247 will be showing some of his artwork oh, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. Dias de los muertos is day of the Dead originating from Mexico. It’s […]

  • Double Murder in Houston Heights

    A couple was found near the Houston Heights found dead at the 1600 Block on Bingham.  Around 6pm on Monday, the couple was found by a local neighbor who heard two gunshots.  The man lived there, but the women does not.  Not sure what she was doing at the location.  HPD investigates.

  • Houston Heights Halloween Arsonist Attack on Yale

    We have all drove past the Oddities & Curiosities location on Yale.  Unfortunately today, an arsonist apparently walked in with 2 gas cans and set the building a blaze.  Many people were in the building viewing at the time,  Mark Garcia said he was just able to get out before suffocating.  He was trapped in […]

  • Racist Manager Rejects Teen Looking for A Job at Subway Because Shes Black

    This young lady merely wanted a part-time job at a Subway here in the Houston area.  She was met with a very hostile racist  manager from Subway. Read the text below. The manager states he doesn’t want those type of people here (black people). This really pisses me off, we are damn near 2020 and […]