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  • Parolee Accused of Committing Murder Despite Being Out on Bond

    Man out on bond accused of committing murder HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – People on parole are serving the remainder of their sentences in the free world. We’ve noticed several instances in which the state’s prison system and the courts take little or no action when parolees commit new crimes. 56-year-old Michael Carl Draper has six […]

  • Houston Rap Video Turn Real … 6 Dead 8 Injured – North of Houston Heights

    A rap group was shooting a video named “High Capping Hoes” or something similar, when another group showed up on the scene and shot what witnesses state about 25-35 gun shots.  Rapid fire was used from some kind of automatic or semi-automatic weapon witnesses state.   One family lives nearby states: “All we want to […]

  • Christmas Eve Murder 2019

    Families mourn the loss of Carolee Taylor. Albert Simon is the suspect at large and is loose on Houston Streets. Albert Simon 53 years old was known by many friends to be very well spoken and polite. Everyone cannot believe this has happened. Carolee was celebrating her birthday at home when fatally shot. Was last […]

  • How I Stopped a Murder With a Burger – True Story in Eado – 77003 – Dowling @ Leeland

    This is the burgers they make there … You should check it out.   Just don’t try to hit on anyone’s girlfriends there. LOL. I really did stop a murder out in Eado, this was a few years ago.   Not sure what I was thinking, lol.   Decided to make a video since i’m not that good […]

  • Double Murder in Houston Heights

    A couple was found near the Houston Heights found dead at the 1600 Block on Bingham.  Around 6pm on Monday, the couple was found by a local neighbor who heard two gunshots.  The man lived there, but the women does not.  Not sure what she was doing at the location.  HPD investigates.

  • Shooter loose in the Houston Heights from Baytown

    2 Houston Heights Shootings and 1 Baytown Shooting may be related as HPD investigates.    You can watch the live video and see what you think.  Shooter was caught on camera leaving the scene.   The vehicle looks exactly the same, and witnesses confirm.   Houston Heights neighbors are concerned. https://abc13.com/timeline-baytown-and-heights-shootings-could-be-related/4642010/