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  • Houston’s Best Suburbs

    With just over two million residents, Houston, Texas, is the largest city in the Lone Star State and the fourth largest in the country. People from all over the world are drawn to the city’s famous theater and museum districts, appreciation for delicious cuisine and an incredibly diverse population. But not everyone is interested in […]

  • The Suburbs: The Future of Real Estate

    The future of real estate is looking to be in the suburbs, according to Ari Rastegar, CEO of Rastegar Property Company. In a recent Q&A, Rastegar discussed his thoughts on the suburban real estate market and how it is poised to grow in the coming years. Q: Why do you believe the future is in […]

  • #ForgivingFriday … Today is the day you heal your heart NOT tomorrow.. NOW!

    Today is #ForgivingFriday … Call text your #friend or #family you haven’t spoke to in so long over a dumb argument that u don’t even care about. God says to forget is human but to #forgive is #divine. Release that pain in your heart and receive #peace … Do it NOW not later. No one […]