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  • Rent To Own Tips: How To Start

    Rent to Own: Do It The Right Way Rent to own It’s a goal that can take years of scrimping and saving to squirrel away a down payment — not to mention the careful spending and meticulous bill-paying required to keep your credit score high. In the meantime, you’re still paying rent, maybe even more […]

  • Bridges Over 59 in Montrose

    The bridges lights in Montrose are not what they used to be a few years ago. It is sad to see that nowadays the bridge lights are not as bright as they used to be. Houstonians have commented on social media that these lights should be turned off. This, because in their opinion they no […]

  • Photos can be a Catfish & Vice Versa

    Don’t make snap judgments based on listing photos. A house that doesn’t look appealing in pictures could still be a great house…and vice versa. Check The Listings In some areas of the country, the “pack” of listings is what influences the sales price of a home. Buyers will often bid based on price, not photos. If you personally […]

  • Beware of these Houston Heights / Montrose / Innerloop Restaurants with Health Violations – October 2019

    Restaurant (Food) Violation list from City Of Houston For August 2019 – Houston Heights Area – CLICK THE VENUE NAME – IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE CITY OF HOUSTON HEALTH VIOLATION IL CANE ROSSO 1835 N SHEPHERD DR HOUSTON TX, 77008 FOG 206424 03/05/2020 OPEN IL CANE ROSSO 1835 N SHEPHERD DR HOUSTON TX, […]

  • My Montrose Evening at Hamburger Marys & Lolas – Houston Montrose News

    It was a humid Friday evening here in Houston Texas in the Montrose area. It just finished raining and humidity started cranking up but it didn’t stop me from checking out some of the coolest hot spots in the Houston Montrose area.   So I’ve been hearing some cool raving reviews for The Hamburger Mary’s hotspot, […]

  • “Saggy Pants” law may be coming to Houston – 1 Killed So Far – Opinions?

    Houston is trying to push a law to stop the “saggy pants” trend. For more than 20 years now the saggy pants have been a trend in the urban areas of Houston and other metropolitan areas of the South. Just recently, Mr. Childs was killed running from a police officer who was going to fine […]

  • Montrose Restaurant Loses Restaurant/Chef to Houston Heights

    Houston Montrose restaurant Canopy shuts the doors after 10 years of service. Rents are getting so high in the Houston Montrose area it may have forced her out. As she decided not to renew the lease. She is more concerned with her new restaurant in the Houston Heights just off the 19th Street. I used […]

  • Green Door or No?

    The question is, to be green or not to be green oh, that is the question…jajajaja A Houston Montrose residence wanted to take the neighborhood by surprise. And boy did he surprised the neighborhood. since this neighborhood has no or limited deed restrictions, home residents can do what they want to their house. And that […]

  • Houston Montrose Tour with Some Cool Young Guys on St. Patty Day

    Touring the Houston Montrose eclectic neighborhood, art museum, restaurants, Menil Collection, & More… these guys are pretty cool too.