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Houston Heights Home With Garage Apt For Sale Cheap

Houston Heights Traditional Home w/ Garage Apt in $300’s

Houston Heights Remodeled Traditional Home with Garage Apt For Sale HAR LINK: Address: 1634 Walton Houston, Texas School: Heights High School Morning Houston Folks.... it's Travis. Got a new listing and just listed it 2 days ago... it is seriously priced to sell in $300's with over 2100 sqft of living space, big yard, +++...

HUGE #HoustonHeights Home in $400’s with ROOFTOP, Outdoor Kitchen, 4 Huge Bedrooms!

#HoustonHeights Home in $400's with ROOFTOP Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen, 4 Huge Bedrooms with 4.5 Baths! How is This Possible?  Yes I said 4bedrooms! ++++ An Office/Gameroom !!!  Yep this house is HUGE nearly 3000sqft !!  It is gigantic, the layout is gigantic layout.  The builder made this home to make it feel spacious, with the goal to actually make the square footage usable and diverse. Listing...

Green Door or No?

The question is, to be green or not to be green oh, that is the question...jajajaja A Houston Montrose residence wanted to take the neighborhood by surprise. And boy did he surprised the neighborhood. since this neighborhood has no or limited deed restrictions, home residents can do what they want to their house. And that includes painting the front door bright neon green LOL. Some people love it and...

Bike lane changes in the Houston heights

Excuse all grammar and punctuation errors I'm using Google dictate to blog Houston heights residence are somewhat happy about a new bike lane coming to 11th Street. I used to live on 11th street, so I know it gets super busy especially right over that hump where the jogging trail is at. HPD has put up some speed monitors in the past to slow down traffic, but it has not worked. So the city of Houston and...


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