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  • Houston Houses For Sale

    Houston Heights is a popular neighborhood located in the northwest area of Houston, Texas. If you are looking for a home in Houston Heights, there are many options to choose from. Houses for sale in the Houston Heights range from cozy, cottage-style homes to grand, Victorian mansions. Many of the homes in the neighborhood have […]

  • Why You Should Buy a House in Houston

    Houston is a vibrant and dynamic city with a thriving real estate market. If you’re interested in buying or selling property in the area, you may want to consider joining one of the many real estate clubs in Houston. These clubs are a great resource for anyone looking to connect with other industry professionals and […]

  • Rent To Own Tips: How To Start

    Rent to Own: Do It The Right Way Rent to own It’s a goal that can take years of scrimping and saving to squirrel away a down payment — not to mention the careful spending and meticulous bill-paying required to keep your credit score high. In the meantime, you’re still paying rent, maybe even more […]

  • The House Of Your Dreams? We Have It For You

    Look at these best friends, isn’t it adorable? Samantha wanted a big backyard so she could play with Lex, at Homes Of Heights we helped her find her dream home. Look at that smile, isn’t that the most important thing? We can help you find the place you want too. All you have to do […]

  • Modern Backyard? We Have It For You

    When it comes to backyards we have the best options for you. For example, what do you think of this one? Quite green, spacious and ideal for entertaining. Remember that in Homes Of Heights we have the best options for you, everything you need in a home we can make it possible. Click on the […]

  • Today We Sit In Front Of The Fire In Our Backyard

    Isn’t sitting in front of the fire the most relaxing thing in the world? At Homes Of Heights we know that and we have it for you. Just take a look at this cool, fire-lit, nicely decorated and comfortable space. We know these are the kind of spaces you love, so don’t hesitate to contact […]

  • Your New House With Home Of Heights

    For every person there is a best friend, just look at Stephanie. She can’t stop being by her little Bolt’s side. Stephanie was looking for the perfect home for her and her best friend, and guess what? yes, Homes Of Heights found the place for her. What are you waiting for? Search for your home […]

  • Rent to Own Home Process: 3 Easy Steps to Buying Your First Home

    Rent to Own Home: 3 Easy Steps to Owning Your Own Home Rent To Own: The Process. First step is requesting a call with one of our home-buyer consultants and determining your eligibility for this program. Rest assured, these are easy guidelines to meet and most of our applicants are approved. After meeting simple eligibility […]

  • The Fine Print Matters

      Once a property has been under contract for seven days or more, you can use a rent credit to get an additional rent credit on your security deposit. Separate and segregate. After the lease is signed, furnish and organize your property according to the lease. Each one of those price points would be the best […]

  • Inspections can bring the price down or pay for your closing cost!

    Not all homes needing an inspection will go on the market. The inspection is essential in determining the true performance of a home and re-plumbing the property. Look for homes with an HVAC inspection or plumbing inspection: inspections you do yourself and that are truly thorough. From there, we will review the report and ask […]

  • – Video of Persuasion… Yep it works…

    You make a financial decision based on several factors including the price of homes, rents, taxes, and insurance, but this also includes your emotions. You always want to do your due diligence when buying a home. Another Tip Save your good offers until the end, when you will be able to convince more sellers to […]

  • Is it a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market? Knowing is half the battle

    Look For Real Prices Best Buy would not have a bidding war. Despite an unrealistic list price, they would stick to their marketing strategy and close this offer as soon as possible. Competition in a competitive economy is not welcome. Once a property is under contract, the salesman should ensure that he or she has a clear […]

  • You gotta be Faster than John Wayne in today’s Market

    Move quickly once you spot a house you like. This often means rushing out to see new homes within hours of them being listed and writing up an offer immediately if you like the house. Homes are sold in a matter of hours in this market, and sometimes you really have to move fast. If […]

  • How to Avoid 10 PITFALLS when Buying a House

    How to Start? Many home buyers are excited to get pre-approved—but be aware, acquiring financing quickly means you’ll have to put in more work. Gather your financing information in order before you call lenders. In order to make an offer on a home, especially a nice, big house, you’ll need to secure a FICO score […]

  • About Houston Heights Neighborhood

    About Houston Heights Neighborhood Houston Heights is a popular historic district and one of the hottest neighborhoods in Houston for accessibility and real estate appreciation. The Heights has been ranked as the most walkable neighborhood with 450 Yelp establishments close to homes. With such wonderful parks and trails, Houston Heights is a perfect place for […]

  • Houston Heights receiving 108 Affordable Housing Apartments by City of Houston 2021

    $11 million in federal disaster recovery funds allocated for new affordable apartment community in Houston Heights The City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) will provide $11 million to construct a new multifamily development in Houston Heights. On March 24, 2021, Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston City Council approved allocating federal funding for […]

  • Missing Heights neighbor, Mary Cerruti, left a self-portrait at home

    Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti   Only a few neighbors on Allston Street knew a little about Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti, a lady who quietly vanished around 2014. A year later, a realtor had to buy her Houston Heights home after a foreclosure auction. Then he offered all her belongings (trash for him) for […]

  • Beware of these Houston Heights / Montrose / Innerloop Restaurants with Health Violations – October 2019

    Restaurant (Food) Violation list from City Of Houston For August 2019 – Houston Heights Area – CLICK THE VENUE NAME – IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE CITY OF HOUSTON HEALTH VIOLATION IL CANE ROSSO 1835 N SHEPHERD DR HOUSTON TX, 77008 FOG 206424 03/05/2020 OPEN IL CANE ROSSO 1835 N SHEPHERD DR HOUSTON TX, […]

  • Crime in Houston Heights – Innerloop Crime on the Rise – 2019

    Crime in Houston Continues To Rise Every Day In recent times, Houston has become a hotbed for petty crimes as well as major incidents of criminal activity alarming law enforcement agencies as well as local residents. Reports have included theft of vehicles, robberies on gunpoint and even a botched drug raid. All of these crime […]

  • Racist Manager Rejects Teen Looking for A Job at Subway Because Shes Black

    This young lady merely wanted a part-time job at a Subway here in the Houston area.  She was met with a very hostile racist  manager from Subway. Read the text below. The manager states he doesn’t want those type of people here (black people). This really pisses me off, we are damn near 2020 and […]