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  • Shorten your contingencies … Like Financing Days or Option Period… but….

    Make the timeline as short as you can to guarantee that everyone is working towards the same timeframe. The more control each should have of their part of the deal the better, as you’ll receive far better financial results if you have multiple partners working towards the same goals. When talking with lenders, always present […]

  • How The Rich Get Richer – Real World Example in Real Estate Here in Houston

    How The #Rich Get #Richer… Here is a simple real world analysis on a investment property I sold this week. This is 100% real with live numbers. This is NOT magic, this is actually how I make my investors more $$$ with their $. I put the money to work with an appreciating asset.

  • Proposed 2019-20 HISD spending plan to incorporate no compensation increments

    As state legislators keep on wheeling and dealing over since quite a while ago guaranteed school money changes, Houston ISD managers intend to introduce a 2019-20 spending proposition Thursday with no matter how you look at it boosts in salary apportioned for any staff. Region authorities said they would amend the financial limit in September […]

  • HISD association compromises no-certainty vote in the midst of rising compensation pressures

    The leader of Houston ISD’s biggest school representatives association compromised Monday to hold a demonstration of general disapproval against the locale’s break director if a financial limit with worker increases in salary isn’t endorsed by mid-July, an indication of heightening pressures over the organization’s treatment of spending plans for 2019-2020. Houston Federation of Teachers President […]

  • How To Get Your Home Inspection Done Right and Free

    Hire a licensed inspector This is super important because there are tons of inspectors out there without a license If they have no license, then they have nothing to risk With a license a buyer can file a claim / complaint with Texas Real Estate Commission Not All Inspectors Are On The Same Level! There […]

  • Home Buying Tip #2 – Define needs and wants

    Planning is half the battle This is a critical tip and will save you from going nuts. It will stop you from viewing homes that look great but don’t fit your standards. Questions to really ask Yourself Minimum living square feet Yard size Maximum stories List price max HOA fee max Do you want HOA […]

  • How to Chose the Best Realtor for YOU

    The Questions Can Save You Money, Heart Ache, & Headaches Are you a full time realtor or part time realtor How many years experience do you have? How many closed transactions do you personally have? What times are you available to show homes? Do you work weekends? Do you work nights? How much notice do […]