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Top 5 Houston’s Best Suburbs

With just over two million residents, Houston, Texas, is the largest city in the Lone Star State and the fourth largest in the country. People from all over the world are drawn to the city's famous theater and museum districts, appreciation for delicious cuisine and an incredibly diverse population. But not everyone is interested in the excitement and fast-paced nature of big city life. For those...

Realtor Attacked Robbed in Broad Day Light in One of The Best Neighborhoods

It's a sad day, when you can't do your job safely.  Carol Jones a realtor simply went to show a home in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, and get blatantly attacked & robbed.   We thank God every day that she is not severely harmed. Monique B. below bless her family did not share the same story.  Shot and killed she leaves 2 young...

Forensic expert discovering dead body buried in desert sand

Dead Body Found in Buffalo Bayou – Jan 2nd, 2020

Thursday around 10:05am, a city worker found a dead body floating south from (Houston Heights area) towards Eado.  The body was too decomposed for the gentleman to determine what race the body was.   HPD was called out to the scene along with forensics.  Foul play is certain.  Missing persons department has been notified, but the body has not yet been identified.  If you have any tips at all please...

African American Junkie Buying Drug Dose From Dealer

Houston Rap Video Turn Real … 6 Dead 8 Injured – North of Houston Heights

A rap group was shooting a video named "High Capping Hoes" or something similar, when another group showed up on the scene and shot what witnesses state about 25-35 gun shots.  Rapid fire was used from some kind of automatic or semi-automatic weapon witnesses state. scene of crime, Scientific police picking up bullet cap with tweezers, rule of ballistic measurement, conceptual image, horizontal...

Ready To Shoot

Shooter loose in the Houston Heights from Baytown

2 Houston Heights Shootings and 1 Baytown Shooting may be related as HPD investigates.    You can watch the live video and see what you think.  Shooter was caught on camera leaving the scene.   The vehicle looks exactly the same, and witnesses confirm.   Houston Heights neighbors are...

Houston Montrose Burglar 27 times in 1 night

Houston Montrose Building Smash & Grab 27 Times in One Night

Houston Montrose a Chic Upscale neighborhood was hit 27 times by vandals in one single night.  27 residences are baffled how security could let this happen.  The police department was called out, but HPD states little can be done.   Crime is every where, it does not matter if it is in poor neighborhoods or rich neighborhoods, so please be careful folks. Houston Police Department is overwhelmed with...


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