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  • Houston Passes New Pet Laws for 2023

    Hey there pet lovers! I have some exciting news for all of us in Houston. The city recently passed a new ordinance that’s going to make it so much easier for us to be reunited with our furry friends if they ever get lost. On Wednesday, the city council made a great decision and voted […]

  • Best Places to Live in Houston

    1.- Cinco Ranch Cinco Ranch is acensus-designated put and master-planned community found within the extraterritorial ward of the city of Houston inside Fortification Twist and Harris provinces within the U.S. state of Texas. The populace was 16,899 at the 2020 census.[3] It lies almost 25 miles (40 km) west of the Harris District situate of […]

  • Hubcap Grill Closed Down – Forced by Houston Heights High Prices & Taxes

    The Heights-area location of Hubcap Grill, a popular burger joint in the Inner Loop, has been forced to close.  Owner states “prices and taxes just keep getting higher and higher, we just can’t keep up.” The closure of Hubcap Grill’s Heights-area location highlights the struggle that small business owners face in today’s economy. With rising […]

  • Top 5 Areas to Live in Houston

    Whether you were drawn in by the expressions and culture or the kid-friendly climate, it’s no ponder you’re considering around moving to a dynamic city such as Houston, Texas. The city may be a inviting spot to call domestic and gives bounty of openings for lackadaisical activities. If you’re considering living in Houston, utilize this direct to memorize more around what to do, where to eat, and how to acclimate and flourish in a few of the leading places to live in Houston, TX, counting: Downtown Houston Midtown Montrose Second Ward […]

  • Garden Oaks in Houston

    Garden Oaks is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Houston, Texas, known for its stunning houses and well-maintained properties. If you’re on the hunt for a new home, this area is definitely worth considering. Currently, there is a diverse selection of houses for sale in Garden Oaks, including everything from starter homes to lavish estates. No […]

  • Credit For Home Buying

    First–time home buyers can face more challenges than repeat buyers. In our credit for home buying tips we tell that first–timers often have a poor credit score. More often, they have no credit history at all, which is known in the industry as “a thin file.” Fortunately, a thin file might not stop you from […]

  • HUGE #HoustonHeights Home in $400’s with ROOFTOP, Outdoor Kitchen, 4 Huge Bedrooms!

    #HoustonHeights Home in $400’s with ROOFTOP Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen, 4 Huge Bedrooms with 4.5 Baths! How is This Possible?  Yes I said 4bedrooms! ++++ An Office/Gameroom !!!  Yep this house is HUGE nearly 3000sqft !!  It is gigantic, the layout is gigantic layout.  The builder made this home to make it feel spacious, with the […]

  • Racist Manager Rejects Teen Looking for A Job at Subway Because Shes Black

    This young lady merely wanted a part-time job at a Subway here in the Houston area.  She was met with a very hostile racist  manager from Subway. Read the text below. The manager states he doesn’t want those type of people here (black people). This really pisses me off, we are damn near 2020 and […]

  • Houston Rainbows Galour

    Here are some cool pictures of rainbows that were captured the other day here in Houston.

  • DWI on Bus Driver blames Donut.. WTF?

    So Linda 55 of Cleveland claims that she had a bad donut when she got pulled over driving a school bus by Houston Police department. She failed the sobriety test miserably, and in her defense says that she just had a bad donut. this is too crazy and funny to be made up this is […]

  • Oh no where will I get my late night tacos?

    Well the 30 year lease is up and they packed up all their tacos and fries. With so many new restaurants around it … I wonder why? Most likely super increased rents. That is a prime location with over 50000 cars per day. Jack in the Box closed after 30 years on Shepherd and 20th.

  • Another iconic symbol of Houston is being torn down

    If you’re from Houston, you definitely drove past this iconic sign of Houston for the last 40 years. Me and my grandpa used to go there to pick up his shirts when I was just five years old. Now being prime real estate, it’s being torn down and Rice University ion will take its place. […]

  • Beaver spotted in the bayou

    Houston is still full of so much nature. It’s all around us. Remember guys be kind and put trash in the proper receptacles. Nature still counting on us for their survival.

  • Bike lane changes in the Houston heights

    Excuse all grammar and punctuation errors I’m using Google dictate to blog Houston heights residence are somewhat happy about a new bike lane coming to 11th Street. I used to live on 11th street, so I know it gets super busy especially right over that hump where the jogging trail is at. HPD has put […]

  • Houston experiences one of the Worst Hail storms in History May 9th 2019

    Excuse all grammar and punctuation areas I use Google voice dictate to blogIt was a humid evening in Houston Texas, when a dark thunderstorm started lurking in the Houston area. Suddenly at a moment’s notice, small tiny pieces of hail started to come down that sounded much like heavy rain. And just a moment, that […]

  • Not all designs are great! Sellers take note

    Can everyone agree with me that this chandalier needs to come down! I have to convince this seller. I see some weird stuff when looking at homes,. As a real estate broker I have to advise homeowners what needs to come down and what needs to go up. Yes everyone thinks they are a top […]

  • The Houston Heights Tour & Learn School Bus

    The Houston learning and touring School Bus is a great way to learn about Houston.   information about historic information from cities and homes and even some famous people that lived in Houston.   you get to learn personally some inside information for Mister McKinney who is very passionate about Houston. So if you want to learn […]

  • What in God’s name is this?

    Eater says this is a French hamburger but I don’t know…shaking my head. Anyone experience this beautiful and delicious whatever it is?