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1751Houston Restaurant Review – 2020 – Seafood Bar in Houston Heights

So there is buzz going around the city about this new venue here in the Houston Heights. Some are great & some are ahhhhhh it's ok. I'm interested to know your thoughts about the new spot in the Heights.  Yelp has them at 4.5 stars out of 5, which is fantastic.  176 Reviews so it must be pretty good. By the way can someone please tell me what this is ... then bring me one!...

Houston Rapper Scarface Could Have Been Your Mayor 2019-2020!

Houston famous rapper came very close to becoming your mayor.  Backed with millions of followers & 200,000 Houston voters, the rapper almost made history.  Check his most popular video out - "Minds Playing Tricks On Me" Scarface states... "I can change the Game because I know the Game"  .... very interesting.   Game meaning the rules of...


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