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  • Houston Rap Video Turn Real … 6 Dead 8 Injured – North of Houston Heights

    A rap group was shooting a video named “High Capping Hoes” or something similar, when another group showed up on the scene and shot what witnesses state about 25-35 gun shots.  Rapid fire was used from some kind of automatic or semi-automatic weapon witnesses state.   One family lives nearby states: “All we want to […]

  • Christmas Eve Murder 2019

    Families mourn the loss of Carolee Taylor. Albert Simon is the suspect at large and is loose on Houston Streets. Albert Simon 53 years old was known by many friends to be very well spoken and polite. Everyone cannot believe this has happened. Carolee was celebrating her birthday at home when fatally shot. Was last […]

  • Houston Santa Claus Comes Thru to Help 72 Abused Children

    On Christmas Day 72 Babies got a surprise drop in from someone you know….  Hearts got filled, laughter filled the room, and I for the first time was a bit shy…. Sister Maria is an angel from heaven literally.  I got hooked on helping kids for many years now.  Someone helped me many years ago […]

  • Christmas Tips & Ideas For Houston Texas Fam Bam – 2019

    Yes stuffing Turkey down, and sitting around the house is wonderful…. for about 48 hours… then we all get a bit board.  Here a few ideas to spruce things up and gain some culture at the same time. A CHRISTMAS CAROL – A GHOST STORY OF CHRISTMAS – Play in Downtown Houston Till December 29th […]

  • Houston Rapper Scarface Could Have Been Your Mayor 2019-2020!

    Houston famous rapper came very close to becoming your mayor.  Backed with millions of followers & 200,000 Houston voters, the rapper almost made history.  Check his most popular video out – “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” Scarface states… “I can change the Game because I know the Game”  …. very interesting.   Game meaning the rules […]

  • Has “Lights in the Heights” gone to “Sex and Drunks in the Lights of Heights”

    From Brandy Camfield: “I’d just like to add my input after this years Lights in the Heights! I love The Heights, I grew up there, my mother grew up there, our family is FROM The Heights! We’ve always looked forward to Lights in the Heights and now that I have children of my own, even […]

  • How To Make The Perfect Turkey

    Making the perfect Turkey is 100% a necessity is Texas, and most likely the rest of USA.  Americans love juicy, tasty, delicious turkey.  So follow these easy tips.  I personally learned to ; Wash it well with cold water Keep the giblits and the rest of that inside stuff for the gravy and sop Do […]

  • Crime in Houston Heights – Innerloop Crime on the Rise – 2019

    Crime in Houston Continues To Rise Every Day In recent times, Houston has become a hotbed for petty crimes as well as major incidents of criminal activity alarming law enforcement agencies as well as local residents. Reports have included theft of vehicles, robberies on gunpoint and even a botched drug raid. All of these crime […]