Swingers Club Opening in the Houston Heights

A swingers club is creating a big fuss in the spring area of Houston. A new swingers club contacted the official Houston heights real estate firm homesofheights.com for a list of locations available for rent or purchase. The real estate broker was reluctant to send over a list of properties however it is against the law to turn away any client or discriminate against any client. However, Allen the broker talked with the owners and let them know this is not the area for that type of business.  The owners have taken into consideration this is a family centric neighborhood with strong family beliefs and are reconsidering.  They are looking at locations in the Houston Heights prime area (19th Street / Shepherd), which is in the heart of the Houston Heights.

For those that are not aware the definition of a swingers club, a singles Club is where couples exchange partners for sexual pleasure. that includes bisexual and trisexual and any type of sexual you can think of.

Because there are no deed restrictions in then the majority of the Houston Heights it is possible for a swingers club to open. And very easy if they don’t serve liquor and do not require a liquor license.  Many home owners are furious and say they will be putting up a fight to battle the new sex house.  However, not much you can do for a business not serving liquor.  Behind close doors, a company can do anything they wish (within reason and the law).  Sarah J. says her entire family will be protesting the business if opened on her street.

These are just one of the businesses that can open when there are no deed restrictions in place.  So beware home owners, deed restrictions are a  double edge sword.  Many home owners only look at HOA (home owner association) dues in a bad way, but really they are there to protect the community and make sure a business cannot be run in the subdivision.  However, on the bad end, an HOA can fine you for not keeping up with your lawn or even painting your door the wrong color.  So it truly is a double edge sword.  Enjoy folks — Allen Jimenez over and out… If you happen to know anyone looking to buy/sell any type of real estate send me a shout / text / call / email even a smoke signal… ajjajajaj I would love to help in any way possible.  832-305-7653 that is 832-305-SOLD !

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