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STOLEN TRAILER, do you recognize or have you seen this truck?

This truck was posted as stolen a day ago. Some people say they likely own the vehicle and the plates are fake or they bought it from a tote the note lot. People on the margins of society with poor credit and not much money buy from lots that in house finance typically older / high mileage vehicles.

The most often have a GPS hidden with a remote disable as these consumers often fail to make the payments and don’t want to give back the car. It is entirely likely when somebody is weaving in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner, they have a paper plate.

Fake dealer paper plates are a cottage industry in the hood, typically used when the owner has not had the car inspected, paid the registration, and has no liability insurance. Criminal masterminds that steal trailers usually don’t have a master plan to put on a fake plate to steal stuff. If they thought that far ahead then they would do something more productive or at least do more profitable and less prosecuted frauds

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