“Saggy Pants” law may be coming to Houston – 1 Killed So Far – Opinions?

Houston is trying to push a law to stop the “saggy pants” trend. For more than 20 years now the saggy pants have been a trend in the urban areas of Houston and other metropolitan areas of the South. Just recently, Mr. Childs was killed running from a police officer who was going to fine him for a saggy pants violation. The violation carries a $100 fine and up to eight hours of community service. the young man was holding his pants and eventually fell. The police officer and Mr. Childs soon became wrestling on the ground. The police officer noticed Mr. Childs was carrying a gun. It soon escalated and within seconds gunshots ran out. The officer shot Mr. Child’s 8 times. but later the coroner found out the dead shot came from Mr. Child’s himself. When Mr. Child’s fired into his own chest. however, keep in mind we really don’t know what really happened. This is just what the public is told, keep an open mind and an open perspective. I come from the once Ghetoo
And as usual I’m using Google dictate to blog so excuse any punctuation or grammatical errors. Alan J. your neighborhood real estate broker and blogger


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