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Rent To Own a Home Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much down do I need?
    • Could be a NO down payment option up to 3.5% down
  2. What is the minimum credit score?
    • 500
  3. How do I pick the house?
    • You need to apply first then we send you a list of homes in the area you like.
  4. How do I know I won’t get scammed?
    • We are a licensed brokerage in Texas – License #0549644
  5. What is the application fee?
    1. $197
  6. Why do I have to pay an application fee?
    1. Because we have to create a presentation package for you.  The package is to help persuade the owner of the home to allow you to Rent To Own their property.

Rent To Own a Home Topics

This topics will help you understand all the steps you need to follow in the process to Rent To Own a Home.


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