Racist Manager Rejects Teen Looking for A Job at Subway Because Shes Black

This young lady merely wanted a part-time job at a Subway here in the Houston area.  She was met with a very hostile racist  manager from Subway. Read the text below. The manager states he doesn’t want those type of people here (black people). This really pisses me off, we are damn near 2020 and racism still exist. Because most of us lived in Texas all of our lives we are immune to it. But since I started traveling the world, I became more aware of the racism that exist in the Houston area. It’s sad because I really truly love everyone, but not everyone likes me simply because the color of my skin.  It has been countless times when I’ve smiled and waved at a Caucasian person and they didn’t smile or wave back.  It made me feel uncomfortable, and I just don’t know why person who does not even know me will just like NOT like me.

As usual guys I’m using Google dictate to blog so excuse any punctuation and grammatical errors. This is Alan J. over and out your neighborhood real estate broker and blogger

What is your opinion on racism in the Houston area? Is it getting better or worse?


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