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Popeyes Chicken got Houston Folks going Crazy!

I’ve heard of a lot of crazy things in the Houston area. But never have I heard of a chicken sandwich costing over $100! My question is, is Popeye’s chicken sandwich that awesome! And where can I get one for $10? I headed over to my nearest Popeye’s Chicken, and it appears they have been sold out.

Since this chicken sandwich has been released, there has been three robberies and one store was bum-rushed.

It appears this chicken sandwich has hit the underground market. The Kingpin Pollo Mafia, states on record “if any fool comes in my hood slanging chicken sandwiches they will get dealt with… Drumsticks will be flying every where”

Never has chicken made such a come back, Chic-Filet states they will not take this lightly. Turf wars are a mist as tensions rise… Popeyes has that heat while Chic-Filet has that tough cow…

If all else fails… KFC has been set as a safety area. Jajajajja

Happy weekend folks… All this is for laughs. Keep me in mind if you need a house full of chicken ! Neighborhood realtor and wanna be blogger. PIECE-Out… Get it like 2 pieces of chicken… Bahaahhahahahah

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