Homes Of Heights POOPING in the HEIGHTS!! Reward Now Increased $$$

POOPING in the HEIGHTS!! Reward Now Increased $$$

  • by Alan Jimz - Real Estate Broker
  • 4 years ago
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Houston Heights Pooper

Mysterious Pooper Update: 05/10/2019

A women fitting the description last year has been spotted in the Houston Heights pooping at the 800 Block of Ashland this morning in or around 5am-6am.   Connie Martinez a residence thought she was fixing her shoes, but when she noticed her shorts we’re around her ankles, she was shocked.  Connie states: “It was disgusting, I think actually saw the poop come out of her, I almost barfed… Jesus whats wrong with people” 


Allen the Broker for the Official Houston Heights Real Estate Firm – is offering $12.93 Cash Reward or 2 Tacos + Chips + Salsa from Torchy’s Tacos

Excuse Grammar / Punctuation I use Google Dictate to Blog =)

Well we all have to go sometime, sometimes in the Heights sometimes in other areas, but 99.9999% of the time it is in a restroom. This young lady decided to take a massive poop in someones back yard, now as a exercise aholic, I certainly understand the preworkouts can get your bowels going, but this is just a bit too much, especially in the Heights where restaurants, cafes, stores, all have restrooms. Now, to phase 2 or part 2, why didn’t she clean it up? I certainly clean my tiny dogs poop or make an effort, that would of been kind, but maybe she didn’t want to come back to the crime scene… hummmm… opinions?

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