Photos can be a Catfish & Vice Versa

Don’t make snap judgments based on listing photos. A house that doesn’t look appealing in pictures could still be a great house…and vice versa.

Check The Listings

Houston Home with Pool Cheap 4Bedroom only $337k

In some areas of the country, the “pack” of listings is what influences the sales price of a home. Buyers will often bid based on price, not photos. If you personally attract clients through your listing photos, you should keep that in mind as you set your pricing.

But my gingerbread compare cat begs a question – why did the sellers choose lower priced photos over those that looked better?

As you may know by now, photography is a highly imputed art. Yet, I ask you to remember this: Each single photo can significantly impact the sales price of your home.

Stand Out

Houston Home with Pool Cheap 4Bedroom only $350k

House pictures, like most things in life, are subjective, yet buyers do make snap judgements based on them. A good practice is to have multiple attractive photos in mind when creating a listing. Draw one for the front of the house and one for the back, and add additional candid photos in your signature file. As additional sets of eyes on your listing, you will raise the price for everyone who comes to see it. and make your house stand out.


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