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New Houston Farmers Market in Heights

The new Houston Heights Farmers Market is located at the Heights Mercantile building on Heights Boulevard.   Started September 29th the new Farmers Market is open off the pathway entering the Heights Mercantile building. They hope to get a good turnout and if so they will do this twice a month.

What I like about this is…. is not only do you have the pleasure of buying some organic super healthy vegetables, but you can also do some shopping, and also let the kids run around and use up all that energy before nap time.  

Eating healthy is super important for a better life, it can help you think clearly, it can make you feel lighter and move faster.  I remember as a young man I was a little chubby because of my eating habits & soda drinking… I read a book about nutrition and decided to give it a try.  I read that eating processed vegetables or canned vegetables, and eating processed meats like bologna (that I was raised on),  could be and is very harmful to my body.

So I rushed home after reading this, and I grabbed a couple of trash bags and field them up with all the canned vegetables I had in my cabinets along with the canola oil and the process bologna (basically anything in a can I put in this trash bag) and took it to the shelter nearby. Ohhhh and I also bagged up all the sodas and the sugar.

This is a 100% true story, within a few weeks I started to lose weight dramatically.  So much so that friends thought that I was on drugs and asked me if I was doing drugs because I was losing weight incredibly fast.  I also noticed that my skin was glowing, in one picture I almost look like an tangerine because I have dark skin, it was so funny or at least I thought it was funny. 

But eating right really does matter folks. I like to start people off on a basic routine maybe not so Extreme as what I did. But let’s try baby steps.  How about cutting the sodas off, and getting rid of canned veggies.  Then let’s start off with not going to the gym but maybe taking a very nice walk around the neighborhood.  Walks are amazing not only because they’re healthy, but it also gives you that space that you need sometimes to reflect back on life and release your creativity.

 Well guys I’m off to open house I have to sell this house today, hope you enjoyed my blog.  And yes I’m NOT the best writer at all, I know I suck at it (i’m much better at selling homes!)… But I hope someone out there can gain a little bit of wisdom or insight from my past experiences.   God Bless – Allen J. (wanna be Blogger & Real Estate Broker) – 832-305-7653 or 832-305-SOLD!

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