My Montrose Evening at Hamburger Marys & Lolas – Houston Montrose News

It was a humid Friday evening here in Houston Texas in the Montrose area. It just finished raining and humidity started cranking up but it didn’t stop me from checking out some of the coolest hot spots in the Houston Montrose area.   So I’ve been hearing some cool raving reviews for The Hamburger Mary’s hotspot, And boy were they right. This place is an awesome venue to check out at least one time. This is a cool spot where you can come get you a nice drink ($20) and a fantastic hamburger (well it was ok) and actually enjoy the entertainment (now that was 4/5 stars). for the most part it is rated R with most of it being PG. There is no nudity or anything like that. Which I really appreciated. but I wouldn’t bring Junior just yet. the place still uses a bit of obscenities but nothing that we haven’t heard or seen before. But definitely this isn’t a family venue, not just yet. so on to the event, so I got there and was pleasantly surprised that my reservation is ready and they sat us very quickly. They even moved me one time to a better spot once they notice that it was kind of difficult for me to see. The waiter was extremely happy and I really liked talking with him. He served me very well and I felt right at home there.


Now onto the entertainment.  the entertainment really came down to about three to four ladies (trans.) that took turns dancing and singing, I should say lip singing.Some danced/singed better than others to be honest. I want to recommend that this restaurant possibly figure out a way for the ladies to receive the tips while keeping the entertainment up.  Because for one lady I think it was the one that portrayed Whitney Houston, although she was very beautiful she really didn’t entertain the she just walked around picking up dollars. Now the bearded woman was very good at her job and I can tell that she is really trying to entertain us and possibly make this a career.  So I tip my hat off to her keep up the great job and Whitney Houston try to do a little better next time, I know you want the $$$, but you lose future/return business.


After Hamburger Mary’s I walked over to Lola’s and this is not to mix up Lola’s restaurant in the Houston Heights this is a little dive bar that is grungy and a bit sketchy. But I have to say I enjoyed my talk with the two different people there and I was pleasantly surprised for their hospitality.   here is a couple of interviews with Luis who’s been coming to this place for about 40 years. He seemed so many changes and keeps on coming. He made one funny joke that he said. He said that he could be sitting next to a crackhead on the left and the lawyer on the right at many times in the bar. The place is so Diversified you don’t know what you’re going to get and it keeps you on your toes. thanks for the talk Lewis and I hope to see you again. You guys go and check out these two venues I think you will have a great time.


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