Montrose Restaurant Loses Restaurant/Chef to Houston Heights

Houston Montrose restaurant Canopy shuts the doors after 10 years of service. Rents are getting so high in the Houston Montrose area it may have forced her out. As she decided not to renew the lease. She is more concerned with her new restaurant in the Houston Heights just off the 19th Street. I used to live on 19th Street, and it certainly has changed dramatically. The restaurants/bars opening up are fantastic.   There is so much progress on 19th Street that it amazes me. It’s sad that the Houston Montrose area is going to lose this fantastic restaurant and Chef oh, but I’m sure and you fantastic restaurant will take its place. you guys have a fantastic friday much love and blessings to you guys.

Her new restaurant is:

Alice Blue in the Heights

And as usual I’m using Google dictate to blogs or excuse any punctuation and spelling errors.


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