Mexicans Just Cant Stop Being Spicy…. & I Love it! Check this New Tamale Out!

Leave it up to Mexicans to come up with just more spice on top of spice.  That’s why we are so firey and have this crazy attitude that our boots are much better in Ostrich.  jajajjajajjaja…. Come on folks i’m joking here…. I see you frowning over there Maria & Uncle Jose… tranquiloooo (relax).

Any whooooooooooooo…. in Los Angeles and South Texas this new menu item is on the rage they call it the Tamale Cheestosooo (Cheetos).  Some call it the Mexican version of “Popeyes Chicken Sandwich”.

Opinions?  Would you dare to try this super hot Tamale? or are you scared?  I know Texans are spicy folks even my best amiga Martha who is white as they come, originally from France.   She lives here on 21st now (best folks you will ever meet).  Im going to bring her one and see what she thinks.   I tell you what you guys share this enough, i’ll bring a few dozen down and we can relax at Stude Park with a few cold ones… You bring the Coronas!


Stuffed Cheetos Tamales in Texas
Stuffed Cheetos Tamales in Texas – Trending in Texas & California





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