Mega Apt Complex Starts in Houston Heights – You Ready For Super Traffic?

Ugh, it just never ends! As if the Heights and Houston weren’t already packed enough, now they’re bringing in even more apartment complexes to keep up with the growth.

Of course, they’re going to start pre-leasing this December, but wouldn’t you know it, they wouldn’t share any information about the cost of the project. Of course not!

Wood Partners is claiming that the complex is close to all sorts of wonderful things, like the Heights Hike and Bike Trail, Memorial Park, and lots of dining and entertainment options. Like that’s supposed to make me feel better about another apartment complex coming in and taking over. And get this, it’s going to be their 14th development in Houston and third in the area. Just what we need, more of them!

And Alta Sunset Heights is just one of many new apartments coming to the Heights area. There’s Lenox Heights under construction at 333 W. 24th St. and Domain Heights, which launched last year at 401 W. 25th St. Can you believe there are over 1,000 new apartment units under construction in just the Heights and Washington Avenue corridor?!

When it’s finished, Alta Sunset Heights will have 378 one and two-bedroom units, with all the fancy upgrades like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. They’ll even have a pool, outdoor kitchen, and a dog park. Like that’s supposed to make me feel any better about all the new neighbors I’ll have.


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