How To Save Money Buying a House in The Houston Heights

1. Step 1: Research the Houston Heights Market

Do a very thorough comparative market analysis.  If you need one done, fill out this form.

2. Step 2: Determine if your budget fits the Houston Heights neighborhood

You will need to determine your budget and whether or not it fits a neighborhood like Houston Heights. You need to make sure you don’t overpay for a house in a neighborhood that’s trending downward. You also need to make sure you don’t underpay for a house in a neighborhood that’s growing in value.

3. Step 3: Create a plan to put in multiple offers on Fixer Upper Homes in the Houston Heights

Put in multiple offers with exit clauses.  Exit clauses allow you to “Get Out of Contract” somewhat free (less then $100 bucks)… The Option Fee.

4. Step 4: Stay organized with multiple offers out

Create a spreadsheet with the following or you can download this one for free.

5. Step 5: Keep following up with the listing agent or owner on your offer, you need to be aggressive.

Be nice, and call/contact on this schedule;

  1. Confirm offer receipt
    1. Ask them to reply
  2. Call for an update 24 hours later
  3. Text for an update 48 hours later
  4. Email for an update and ask for any changes that needs to be done

Conclusion: Buying a fixer upper home in the Houston Heights can be a great investment, but you will need to put multiple offers out and stay organized with your offers.