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How to Chose the Best Realtor for YOU

How to Chose the Best Realtor for YOU

The Questions Can Save You Money, Heart Ache, & Headaches

  1. Are you a full time realtor or part time realtor
  2. How many years experience do you have?
  3. How many closed transactions do you personally have?
  4. What times are you available to show homes?
  5. Do you work weekends?
  6. Do you work nights?
  7. How much notice do you need to show me homes?
  8. Do you require me to sign a contract with you?
    1. If so how long?
    2. If I don’t like working with you, will you let me out of our contract free?
  9. What area do you specialize in?
    1. Trick questions – Ask the agent on the spot what is the average price per square foot for that area
      1. For both Single Family Home (regular) and Townhome
  10. If selling your home ask
    1. Marketing Plan
      1. Email
      2. Social Media
        1. Does the realtor have any following for the area
          1. Facebook Page
          2. Instagram Page
          3. Youtube
      3. Open Houses
      4. Snail Mail
      5. Events



Alan Jimz

Blogger for Houston Heights & Montrose area... I try to find cool stuff to share with you guys... and at the same time sell real estate to you cool folks... jajajja

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