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How to Be The Star Guest at Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

How to Be The Star Guest at Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

So you want to be the star guest… ok maybe not the star, but dammit people will love ya!  So here are a few tips;

  • Don’t bring the same ol’ same ol’, bring something different but tasteful
    • Empanadas which are delicious and you can tell a story behind them –  They are from Colombia and are delicious appetizers
    • Tamales are great
      • Make sure to bring ask for Chicken or Beef as some guest cannot eat Pork
        • Here is a tip… Cut the tamales in half, and serve them as appetizers
        • Warm them up in a microwave, BUTTTTTT sprinkle water on them so they don’t dry out
    • As a backup if you like to play it safe, bring a second dish like mash potatoes
  • Don’t just sit there waiting to be served, like you are at a restaurant.
    • Help OUT!  Get up serve others, this is Thanksgiving for God’s sake!  Be thankful for your friends & family, thus you serve and humble yourself.
    • Get up, fill drinks when you can.
    • Ask the home owner or host to see how you can help.
  • Don’t pile your plate on,  remember you do not know if they will be having more guests over.  So be considerate.
    • Also many hosts are taking the left overs to shelters and the homeless
  • Be Thankful – Before starting to eat, offer to say something.
    • Say why you are thankful this year
    • It can catch on really quick, just sometimes people are very nervous about speaking up.
  • Last but not least,  wash your dishes or at least offer to help clean up.
    • No one likes to clean up after you, especially after slaving over the kitchen for hours.
  • SMILE, laugh, even if you are upset put a SMILE on
    • Compliment others
      • Nice hair
      • Nice tie
      • Nice nails
      • You look really nice wow!
      • You get the point…

Love ya – Allen J. – Wanna Be Blogger & Real Estate Broker 832-305-7653



Hi, i'm Travis Miller. I enjoy cycling and finding new trails in the innerloop area of Houston. I am also a licensed commercial pilot, and have been doing it for about a decade now. I love to try out new dishes, and then making a couple of videos about the venue. I love to blog, on the Heights & Montrose pages we have on Facebook, I cannot believe we have nearly 50,000 Heights & Montrose Fans combined. Heights Page: Montrose Page: I am a born again Christian, and truly believe in treating folks fairly and equally. I consider myself a very hard worker & dedicated to my clients. I am extremely punctual and very detailed full time realtor. I live here in the Houston Heights, which makes it very convenient for my innerloop clients, I can show a home within 5-10 minutes usually. This is so important, because buyers see a home for sale sign, and want to see the home quick. This saves my clients a great deal of money and head aches. Well guys off to sell these homes & fly these planes ... Lets grab a coffee on me =) Yours Truly, Neighborhood Real Estate Master - Travis Miller - 832-919-5635

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