Houston Wobbly Scammers Finally Arrested (32 Counts)

Some scammers in the Houston area have finally been arrested. With over thirty two counts of robbery they  have finally been arrested. What they were doing is targeting vulnerable older ladies, and telling them that their front wheel is wobbly and loose. They just so happen to have the tool to fix the loose wheel. They  then demand payment for their services and that tool that was used charging the victims anywhere from $80 to $250. FYI ladies if your wheel becomes loose especially in the front you will definitely know by your steering wheel. your steering wheel will shake like crazy. Pull over to the nearest well-lighted gas station, and open your trunk and look for the Tightening tool. All cars come with at least one.

And as usual I’m using Google dictate to blog so excuse any punctuation or grammatical errors. Alan J. your neighborhood real estate broker and blogger


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