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Houston Rockets Gets Hit With Fraud

  • by Alan Jimz - Real Estate Broker
  • 3 years ago
  • Crime, News
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Houston Rockets Fraud

Houston Rockets got hit with fraud.  The owner of the Houston Rockets, Mr.Fertitta got his life jacked or should I say attempted slam-dunked.  Stephanie Hunter who is a residence of North Houston, just about 7 minutes from Houston Heights.

Houston Rockets Fraud
Houston Rockets Fraud

She tried to open a line of credit for $750 at Target , and applied for a Walmart Credit Card.  I guess she like both worlds, which is rare.  Usually people stick with either Walmart or Target… go figure.  She is bias, I guess… Hummm  Food for thought though..  Does a billionaire  need a Walmart Credit Card for the new Sade CD, and some flip-flops.  Stephanie while your enjoying your 3 meals a day and a great 8×8 cell, maybe you can catch a game and be reminded of how dumb you are.  Criminals, stop stealing shit, and go get a job.  Sorry, venting someone did the same to me a few years ago, and really was a pain in the rear.

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