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Houston Restaurants Struggling – Sunday is National Order Out Day!

restaurant owners need help

So it’s no surprise that Houston restaurants are struggling stay to stay open. With 2020 voted the worst year ever in mankind, okay maybe I went overboard there (let’s not forget the SPANISH FLU PANDEMIC KILLED MILLIONS). But yeah it’s F’ing bad this 2020.

The worst in my 44 years on this planet.  So why don’t we do this.

Let’s make Sunday National Take Out Day!

Let’s flood the restaurants/venues/coffee shops with so much love & support!

It doesn’t matter if you order a few donuts or you order five dozen donuts, 5 dozen tamales are your favorite tacos.

What matters is that we support our local restaurants.  Some restaurants are saying that it’s so bad that not only will they not open, but they will be filing for bankruptcy.

Now you might be saying how does this affect you? Because HUMANS are built like that…. so for you selfish folks, here is just a few facts how it will affect you. 

  • You will miss your favorite restaurants
  • You will have to cook
  • You will have to clean
  • You will have to buy groceries
  • You will not have any time to watch your favorite programs & sit on your mom’s couch….

So by all means, get off your butt right now…. Go order anything from a little restaurant… In fact try something different, geezus… so many people won’t get outside their same-old-same-old…. Come on folks… Love ya.. your friendly realtor, neighbor and buddy —  Allen Jimenez & Travis Miller!

By the way… I know you want to buy a house so let’s make it happen captain! 832-919-5635 – I’ll get your in/out of your home faster then I can drive a 747 Jumbo Jet!  Yep you got that right… I’m a Licensed Commercial Pilot, so set at ease I got you covered in all your real estate needs.  Maybe some free tickets… who knows???? Their are some incentives to working with me that no other realtor can offer you.   Besides I’m super cool & awesome.  TTYL FOLKS!

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