Houston Passes New Pet Laws for 2023

Hey there pet lovers! I have some exciting news for all of us in Houston. The city recently passed a new ordinance that’s going to make it so much easier for us to be reunited with our furry friends if they ever get lost.

On Wednesday, the city council made a great decision and voted “yes” to requiring our dogs and cats to be microchipped. And, as part of the new rule, we’ll also need to get a city pet license for our fur babies. How cool is that?! Microchipping your pet is important because it provides permanent identification that can’t be lost or removed. If your pet ever gets lost, shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control officers have special scanners that can quickly read the chip and reunite you with your pet.

Plus, the city is making sure that the animals sold in pet stores within the city limits are from a good place. They won’t allow so-called “puppy mill” breeders to provide animals to pet store owners. Instead, pet stores will only be allowed to sell dogs and cats that come from a humane organization or a municipal/county animal shelter.

Getting our pets microchipped only costs about $15 and the enforcement starts next year. I’m so excited about this new ordinance and can’t wait to see all of our furry friends reunited with us quickly and safely. Woof woof!




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