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Houston Montrose Building Smash & Grab 27 Times in One Night

Houston Montrose Burglar 27 times in 1 night

Houston Montrose a Chic Upscale neighborhood was hit 27 times by vandals in one single night.  27 residences are baffled how security could let this happen.  The police department was called out, but HPD states little can be done.   Crime is every where, it does not matter if it is in poor neighborhoods or rich neighborhoods, so please be careful folks.

Houston Police Department is overwhelmed with burglaries and robberies this summer. It seems like crime is actually picking up as school is let out. here are some tips that you can do to stay safe oh, and keep your valuables safe.

  1. Don’t leave valuables in plain eyesight
  2. Put your valuables in the trunk. But take a look around before you actually put them in there to make sure no one is looking.
  3. I find that if you park your car far away from other cars criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight. So try parking your car away from others in public parking lots
  4. Lock your doors and make sure to put the alarm on. It sounds pretty basic but sometimes we get so busy that we forget to do so.
  5. HPD states they’ve seen a huge increase in motorcycle theft. so please make sure to install a GPS in a hidden area of the motorcycle. They cost about $100 on Amazon and about $75 to install, and can save you just thousands of dollars. I know personally because my motorcycle was stolen last year. 


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