Houston Metro Bcycle Changes in 2023 – Bicycle Program

Hey there! Have you heard the exciting news about Houston BCycle? Our beloved bike and rideshare program has been given a much-needed boost. Houston METRO, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, has voted to take over operations of Houston BCycle and has approved a nine-month partnership with the program to add it to its existing transportation services.

Unfortunately, our rideshare program has been struggling over the last two years, with a decline in ridership and financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the BCycle Board chairperson, Maya Ford, has a positive outlook on the situation. In a letter posted on BCycle’s website, she says, “As bicycle riders, we know that falling is a part of the nuance we can never take for granted. The good news is that our fall has a root cause that we quickly identified and can repair.”

At its peak, Houston BCycle had over 150 stations and thousands of riders, including 10 stations in the Heights and Washington Avenue areas. However, to alleviate financial concerns, the creators suspended operations at 75 of its stations starting January 1st and riders can expect those closures to remain through March.

But, the program’s creators reached out to METRO and proposed adding the program to METRO’s transportation network. METRO officials have plans to make the program a true transportation option, not just a recreational activity. How exciting!





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