Houston Heights History Trying to Get Erased

Two lawyers from the Houston Heights are trying to do away with the Houston Heights historic laws that regulate the change or demolition of any historic homes.

Two homeowners in Heights East, Kathleen P. and Paul L., have taken their fight all the way to the Supreme Court, arguing that Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance is illegal.

Many of the residents are not happy about that, because they know a lot of developers will come in and try to demolish the homes and build these 3-4 story metricities. They usually build about 4 to 6 townhomes on each lot. Making the area more prone to flood.  This is a fact although the city has added more drainage rules in 2018-2020. 

Now some of the historic laws are a built outlandish. I know because I’ve done a lot of remodels in the Houston Heights area.

Did you know that we can’t even change the windows to the front of the house, but I can add a huge add-on to the rear of the house but I can’t change a doorknob in the front door… #GoFigure

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