Houston Heights Halloween Arsonist Attack on Yale

We have all drove past the Oddities & Curiosities location on Yale.  Unfortunately today, an arsonist apparently walked in with 2 gas cans and set the building a blaze.  Many people were in the building viewing at the time,  Mark Garcia said he was just able to get out before suffocating.  He was trapped in the room to the left, near the Peacocks.   At the very last moment, he was able to break one of the windows and crawl out.

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The Houston Heights has been safe for a long while now, and I hope to God, this is the last attack on the neighborhood.

The alleged arsonist, was seen running out after the blaze and was tackled down by a local resident of the Houston Heights.  He was then held there with other locals until HPD arrived.

The arsonist was shouting out: “God told me to do it!  I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt!”  … One of the trapped victims replied “Why the f**k did you do it then?”

After investigation on the suspect, it was found he actually TWITTERED the post before the crime was taken place.

Concerns are a topic in the neighborhood about future attacks, but it’s a topic no one really wants to discuss.  I think it is time, for us to talk about it, and secure some precautions.

What is your opinion?  Is there anything we could have done to prevent this?


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