Houston Heights Getting High… Weed Based Coffee Shop Opens

Well folks, I never thought I would live to say this. But the Houston Heights is about to get high. A new coffee shop is opening up with CBD injections, and for those that don’t know about CBD it is derived from the Marijuana Cannabis plant. Also known as the DEVILS LETTUCE.  

Location: Amsterdam Co. Coffeehouse – 807 W. 19th St. Houston Heights, TX 77008  (this is 2 houses away from my old house fyi… )

Now marijuana has been known to make people very happy, make people very hungry, and even relieved pain emotionally physically and mentally. So who am I kidding I might meet you down there.  

But unfortunately, we do have some folks that are very unhappy about that. Including 15 year residents Susan B, she states she doesn’t want any of that riff raff in the neighborhood or in the community. She’s worried about her nine-year-old daughter who might be interested in smoking some of that Devil’s lettuce.

Some of the neighbors are talking about starting a protest, but after they visited the location they seem to be a little bit more mellow.  Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

Well folks tell me what do you think…. OPINIONS????