Houston Heights Elementary Schools

If you’re looking at raising a family in one of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods, it’s important to consider the local schools. We’ve put together a guide to some of the best-known schools in the area, as well as some lesser-known alternatives which are well worth considering if you have young children.

Interesting Fact: In the early days of Houston, a number of schools were founded in the newly-developing neighborhoods. These institutions were used to educate children, establish loyalty and maintain order, and to secure a record of births and deaths. Throughout the years, some of these institutions transformed into public schools, while others remained as private institutions for a variety of purposes.

The Houston Heights is a neighborhood in central Houston, Texas, United States. The neighborhood is bounded by I-10 to the west, I-45 to the north, Washington Avenue to the east, and Studemont Street to the south. It is located just north of the Texas Medical Center and just south of Downtown Houston.Homes in the neighborhood can cost from $600,000 to $1,500,000, according to a house-price guide published by The Real Deal.

With a median home value of $449,900, the Houston Heights is spacious, walkable, and its large tree-lined streets make it a desirable place to live. Families can expect at least two years of college education at this school.  It has a student body of about 1,372 students, according to Houston Independent School District.  Engineering is a popular major, with more than 35% of students pursuing a major in Engineering.

Public elementary schools in the Houston Heights area

Harvard Elementary School is located in the heart of Houston’s Heights neighborhood. Harvard is renowned for its stellar results and high test scores. 94% of their students are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch. This school has a yearly lottery for each select class and if a student is not accepted into their lottery at the first attempt, they are guaranteed to be placed there whether they wish it or not. This means that these students will spend the majority of their time at Harvard Elementary School during the day. In the evening, many students walk to the nearby museums and galleries to use the free fellowships and programs that are offered at these Museums.

Travis Elementary School is located in the Heights’ southwest corner. This school has a strong academic reputation due to tight security in and out of the building. Each class has one or two teachers and they not only have students in their classrooms but they have them locked up and protected by armed guards 24/7. Travis has an enrollment of around 1,300 and a few years ago, their reputation for excellence caught the attention of astronaut Phyllis Gardner who was impressed with their results and successful advocacy.

Travis has the reputation of being a more “fun” school which could make it a better place for young children to attend in the near future. The city of Houston is making sure to have as nice a school system as possible for their parents and children as common enrollment at these schools is 86.7%. Travis has almost a 90% enrollment rate, meaning that about 98% of Houston Heights residents live within walking distance of this school.

Love Elementary School is located in the northeast part of Houston’s Heights neighborhood. 71% of their students are eligible for free or reduced lunch and they also have a very loose control over who and what they can and cannot allow in the building. Love has the school bus halt at five feet, forcing teachers to show up earlier so that they can get the most out of their students.

For over 30 years, Helms Elementary School and its parent program, the Houston Heights Association, have been a vital connection between the community and the Houston Independent School District (HISD). After experiencing declining enrollment and financial concerns, the school was placed on the Endangered Schools list in 2017. A local nonprofit group, Heights Education Initiative, Inc., stepped up to attempt to preserve Helms as a neighborhood landmark.  The current school year marks the centennial for Helms Elementary School. The school, located in Houston Heights, has served the community for over a century and is one of the city’s oldest public schools.  Helms Elementary School is a highly rated, public school located in Houston Heights, TX. It has 859 students in grades K-4 with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. According to state standards, 92% of students at this school are considered at least proficient in math and/or reading. The school also has a low student absenteeism rate and high college readiness score.  At Helms Elementary School, we believe that every child can be a successful learner when given the opportunity to achieve. Our school is a unique environment dedicated to nurturing individual strengths while providing numerous opportunities for children to develop independence and work with their peers in small groups and collaborative settings. We are committed to building a community of learners where all children can find success.