Houston Farmers Market Update for 2020 Update

The New Houston Farmer’s Market is on the search for new tenants… but the KEY is they want to hear from you… Yes you there on the couch. They have the space for few more new tenants, however the goal is to have the farmer’s market represent Houston’s exceptional taste buds. They would like the farmer’s market be a place where everyone feels welcome, and can have their deepest food taste served.

The location sits on over 17 acres of prime real estate in the Houston Heights.  A commercial real estate firm bought the property and is heading up the revamp, but want to keep the same feel the market has kept since 1930’s (yes 80 years of quality service).

Address: 2500 block of Airline Road site in North Houston

In your opinion, what would be best…(please feel free to add to the list)

  • Mexican
    • Ninfas
  • Asian
    • KIM SON
  • Italian
    • ???
  • American
    • Sam’s Bar B Que
  • Middle Eastern
    • Fati’s
    • Niki Nikis
    • ???

With your favorite food, can you recommend what restaurants you think would be awesome at this location?

Also check our the Urban Famers Market: https://www.urbanharvest.org/farmers-market/

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