Houston Downtown Finally Getting A Massive Upgrade

In Houston Texas, Downtown is the largest business district in Houston and it always surprises its citizens with never stopping developments. Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has plans to convert the 57-year-old Barbara Jordan Post Office into a Massive Shopping Centre Office building with a rooftop farm. This project has plans to give facilities for everything like International dining, shopping, hanging out, office space, retail chains, and a rooftop park.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the post office was outlined by Wilson Morris Crain & Anderson in 1962 and was in use as a post office till 2014 and shifted later with North Houston facility. Lovett Commercials has now planned to transform the Post office which is covering 550,000 square-foot areas into the favorite destination for shopping and dining in Downtown Houston. They bought this property in 2015 and were used only for hosting night festivals. In this project of a grand shopping center, they have plans to keep the structure as it is and convert the site into a ‘one-of-a-kind urban ecosystem’ titled as POST Houston.

The post office campus was having a two-story warehouse, five-story admin building, and the surface facing parking which surrounds the complex. As per the POST Houston developing plan, the warehouse will be modified to create skylights, atriums, and passages to enter the building. The atriums will be covered with ETFE roofing material and will bring light into the depth of the building. The rooftop will feature a 360-degree view of the city’s downtown and will have many dining and party venues. It will also have a rooftop farm which will allow you to enjoy the rooftop-to-table experience. As per Kirby Liu, Lovett’s director of development, the second floor will be reserved for only office space. According to the plan, POST Houston will have space for office space, for retail, market hall, and co-working space. This project started in September 2018 and expected to complete by summer 2020.



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