Hopdoddy Burgers: One Of the Best in Houston

Hopdoddy Burgers: Why You Should Go?

Hopdoddy Burgers is a bustling, eco-minded burger joint serving all-natural meats, homemade buns, shakes, and craft beers for Houston diners.

Uniquely housed in a former steel mill, Hopdoddy Burger Bar serves hand-crafted burgers, fries, shakes, shakes with actual organic ingredients, ketchup-based sauces, and their namesake hop-based burger patties made from Wisconsin grown corn. Their menu is big enough to feed a hungry crowd, but small enough to keep single diners happy, too.

Hopdoddy Burgers: Where They Are

Address: 501 Travis St. (between Moody Sq. between 59th & 60th Streets) in the recently revitalized Meatpacking District of Austin, Texas

Hours: 11am–10pm Monday–Thursday, 11am–10pm Friday–Sunday

Why We Like It

Above all, why we like it: Sole Mere is impeccably named, part coffee shop, part bistro with a chalkboard menu for some light flavor creation.

The menu is filled with menu options like beet and beets skillet frittatas with arugula and goat cheese, charred edamame in a spicy peanut sauce, and tajarin rice bowls with tofu shirataki and cucumber salad dressing.

Two notes about the menu:

1) It’s gluten-free

2) Sole Mere incorporates plenty of protein from the gluten-free potato patties.

Coupled with their commitment to sourcing locally-held beef patties, focusing on eco-friendly practices, sharing eco-consciousness, supporting their local communities, and building community are backbone values that define Hopdoddy.

Furthermore, if you love biscuits and gravy, then this bran muffin shop.

Their biscuits and gravy come in gluten-free and non-gluten varieties as well as sweet and savory options.

Because of their homemade cakes are just as certain to satisfy cravings for cupcakes as they are to make you feel great and well-turned-out in no time at all.


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