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Home Buyer Tip: The Seller Does NOT Care About You

Home Buyer Tip:  The Seller Does NOT Care About You

#1 – UNDERSTAND The seller does NOT care about you

The seller and seller’s agent only cares about what is best for THEM NOT YOU!   So many buyers think they can trust the seller’s agent.  Home buyers even think they made friends with the home owner – BUT NOPE!  In the end they will do what is BEST for them, it’s in our nature and it’s expected,  but I find many people forget this.  They treat buying a home like buying some used furniture from a friend.  Problem is unlike a used couch we just can’t get rid of it quick, without taking a major financing loss.

It’s given to you in plain black & white and you didn’t even know….

What’s crazy, the sellers agent will give it to you but it is hidden a bit in paperwork / email / website  – They DO NOT need for you to even sign it, just proof they gave it to you! It’s called “IABS Form” – Information About Broker Services – Yep it’s true.  I am attaching it below.   Don’t believe me?  Here is a link directly from Texas Real Estate Commission.

What the seller cares about:

  1. Seller only cares about getting the most money from you
  2. Hiding any defects (so he doesn’t have to fix and spend $$$)
  3. Hiding any title issues so he doesn’t have to pay any taxes, liens, or contractors.
  4. Hiding any issue that may de-value the home.
    1. Levies
    2. Encumbrances
    3. Fence Lines
    4. Future construction work
    5. Future updates of street
    6. Future updates of HOA

How to Protect Yourself as a Buyer

  • Get someone to represent you with
    • I would recommend at least 5 years experience
      • and / or 50+ transactions
  • I’m not the only great realtor – lots of great realtors out there
    • Here are some questions you need to ask them in my next blog

Alan Jimz

I'm Allen ... nice to meet you. I was born and raised here in the Houston Heights. I went to school here from Elementary to High School and off to U of H. I love to blog, although i'm not that great at it. It's much harder then I thought. I like to play chess, meditate, read and enjoy fishing too (one time I caught a big shark!). My grandpa bought his house on 26th street for $55K in 1965 on a double lot, can you believe that?! Things sure have changed here for the better. I like to inspire folks with positive messages, and I hope to change the world. I volunteer at Divina Providence church too helping abused children. Someone helped me (Mr. Leonard Davis) years ago, so i'm paying the universe back. I was a kid with little direction, and left home at 14 years old. I never had a father, or father figure, in fact I never even seen a picture of my father. I was raised by my mother, who happens to be lesbian. She did her absolute best, but with food stamps & section 8, she can only do so much. Surrounded with turmoil & drugs all around me, somehow I might it thru. I think seeing how drugs can affect a person with my own two eyes, really scared me as a child. So it's fair to say i've had my fair share of problems. I don't share these issues to make you sad, I hope that it reaches a child out there to inspire him or her. That you can make something of yourself, even when you are given the worst situations. I also hope to inspire you, with wishes that you will take one minute just to take notice of that child / teenager and really try to talk with him. Not preach to him, but to talk to him. Conversate and ask him, why are you doing the things you are doing... then add some insight about how a different life if possible. These are my wishes and hopes... let's change the world together! Luckily by the grace of God, Mr. Davis helped me. He was a pasture at a church, & took notice of me. It is super strange how one single person, can change the universe. Thank God

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