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Has “Lights in the Heights” gone to “Sex and Drunks in the Lights of Heights”

  • by Alan Jimz - Real Estate Broker
  • 3 years ago
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Beautiful blonde sexy Santa Clause in elegant hat and bra

From Brandy Camfield:

“I’d just like to add my input after this years Lights in the Heights! I love The Heights, I grew up there, my mother grew up there, our family is FROM The Heights! We’ve always looked forward to Lights in the Heights and now that I have children of my own, even more! However, it has become so unfriendly to children and families that the last few years we have wondered if we’d continue going. Last night topped the cake. Small example??a house on Bayland with a private party going, playing VERY explicit music and a half dressed Santa humping people. The intoxicated people are expected but each year it gets worse, and these people are leaving and driving this way! It’s no longer a place for the folks that love The Heights to come and enjoy!”

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