Feges BBQ in Greenway Plaza dishes up delectable smoky meats

Consuming space in Greenway Plaza’s “Center point” sustenance court, Feges BBQ (articulated Fee-jis) promptly reports its genuine goal. A dark, huge Oyler Pit for on location concocting takes an unmistakable spot in the kitchen, and the menu records entire hoard as a standard choice. Every weekday, laborers plunge as a group from different office towers for a noon portion of nation cooking in a setting so sterile and glimmering it reviews a set from 2001: A Space Odyssey. One of us has a normal everyday employment in a structure a walkable separation away, so we chose to meet at Feges’ 11AM opening time before the unavoidable line got an opportunity to shape.

For a purveyor of customary Texas grill, Feges confuses plate lunchers with a variety of universally roused sides like Moroccan spiced carrots and Asian cucumbers, while their proteins and sauces branch out past the quick Gulf Coast. Clients can visit the southern US by attempting the boudin or entire hoard pork, both offered normally alongside day by day specials like smoked meat portion. Sauces, for example, Alabama white and Carolina-style vinegar mustard likewise cross state lines; both can be found on Feges’ self-serve trimmings bar.





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